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Current: Trade fairs

PROBLEMS OF TRADE FAIR PARTICIPATION ABROAD Especially SMEs with export activities, which are strongly represented in Switzerland, are confronted with serious problems when participating in trade fairs abroad, because they often lack the necessary organization and know-how. Author: Ulrich Kromer. WHERE IS THE SWISS TRADE FAIR CENTER HEADING? Dr. Jacques Kunstenaar, a profound expert on the trade fair scene, takes a hard line on Switzerland as a trade fair center, which is rapidly losing ground. TRADE FAIR MARKETING USING THE EXAMPLE OF "LOGIC The well-known computer trade show "Logic" is a striking example of the fact that innovations are always possible in the trade show sector. Beat Frey looks at the underlying aspects of the "Logic" exhibition. CHECKLISTS FOR MEASUREMENTS Gerode for people who only sporadically have to deal with the problems of a trade show participation, checklists are invaluable, as they ensure that all important points are observed. Contribution by V. Scheitlin. INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR CONSTRUCTION UNDER THE SIGN OF 1992 Author R. Klose shows why it is even more important than now to work with absolute trade fair professionals in the era of the coming single market.


ZEHN JAHRE SWATCH-AAARKETING Das Swatch-Marketing geniesst mittlerweile den Ruf, ein Lehrstück für Manager und Marketing-Adepten zu sein. Autorin Hedwig Schoffer leuchtet hinter die Kulissen der «verrücktesten Uhr der Welt».


SO GEWINNEN SIE JEDE VERHANDLUNG Ein Beitrag von R. Ruhleder, der klarmacht, wie wichtig es ist, Verhandlungen wenn immer möglich gut vorbereitet und unter kontrollierten Bedingungen zu führen.

public relations

PR IM WERTEWANIDEL Autor Woseem Hussein macht sich in seinem Beitrag Gedanken über das sich wandelnde Bild der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit in den letzten Jahrzehnten.


WHICH PACKAGING MATERIAL FOR WHAT? A detailed overview by Volker Heiner of the characteristics, appeal, uses and properties of the various packaging materials.


NOT EVERY SUPERVISOR IS A LEADER Supervisors are often only that in name and thanks to hierarchical classification. A manager, on the other hand, is convincing thanks to his or her role model function and human qualities.


GAME WORKSHOP FOR TRAINERS Whoever realizes that every person in life almost constantly plays roles, wears masks, and acts differently from his or her innermost nature, also understands that the playful approach in training often brings more benefits than sober instruction. Contribution by Bernd Schmidt. FURTHER EDUCATION WITHOUT FRUSTRATION Frustration caused by boring or inadequate teaching of the subject matter is an important reason for a lack of efficiency in training efforts. Author P.A. Stüssi.


MERGERS AND "UNFRIENDLY TAKEOVERS" An article that sheds light on the rather complex problems associated with mergers and more or less friendly takeovers and makes it clear that the interests of the management are by no means always identical with those of the shareholders.


SIX WRITINGS ON THE EC A contribution by Hartmut Volk shows that many hurdles still have to be cleared before the single market can become a reality.



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