m&k issue 11/2013

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FRANCHIWSING The franchisor lets the customers do the talking in marketing For ParaMediForm AG, role models are important, which is why it lets customers speak for its marketing measures. INTERVIEW "Demand for South America and Japan has increased". Managing Director Alain Lamy of Publicitas International on foreign media campaigns. EXPORT MARKETING Presence at foreign trade fairs with "Swiss Pavilions For companies that want to carry out marketing activities in foreign markets. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Marketing


E-COMMERCE LOGISTICS In online retailing, the POS extends to the receipt of parcels E-COMMERCE-PAGES Attention is the new lead currency today ONLINE BRANDING But please with consistency! Many companies are active online, but activities are still too little coordinated and built up without a strategy.


DIGITAL SIGNAGE Companies want simple and flexible solutions More and more companies are turning to digital signage to engage their target audience. DIGITAL OUT OF HOME What moves attracts attention DIGITAL SIGNAGE Info steles for outdoor use OUT OF HOME Six "other" solutions for outdoor advertising ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss advertising Callnet.ch


PLACES The only reach medium The classic paper poster still has its importance in outdoor advertising. The advertising form scores with a good price-performance ratio. CINEMA REACH Battle for cinema market share With the German WerbeWeischer, a new cinema marketer is active alongside Publicitas Cinecom. MACH Cinema 2013 shows the market shares. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Advertising Client Association Roland Ehrler has been director at SWA for a year. In this interview, he takes stock and looks to the future.


TRAINING YEAR 2014 Knowledge is a debt to be collected Marketers have to meet the demands in 2014 as well. A selection of new courses. COMMUNICATION "I would have liked to have this success HWZ Director Cyril Meier explains what has changed in recent years. HWZ-ARENA Modern communication also means relinquishing control Experts discuss as part of the HWZ anniversary. DUAL EDUCATION Marketing managers impress with more practical relevance SPORT MARKETING Professionalization in sports marketing progresses


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11/12 Cover photo: clicdesign ag, Bern
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