m&k issue 11-12/2017

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MARKETING AND CREATIVITY How will marketing use creativity to create a competitive advantage in the future? CUSTOMER LOYALTY Loyalty cards and trading cards: Those who offer their customers added value win. SALES POWER Many marketing managers do not understand the needs of their sales staff. That's why a large part of the effect falls flat. Five tips.


STATE OF THE ART For 30 years, Nespresso has been revolutionizing coffee consumption by bringing coffee culture closer to the customer. It received the Customer Excellence Award at the Swiss CRM Forum for its "maximum customer focus". INFORMATION SYSTEMS Today, digital signage is part of the calling card of innovative companies. However, they are only effective if their content is prepared for specific target groups and situations.


THE RESULT MUST BE RIGHT Whether it's food, a toothbrush or an iron, only attractively packaged items stand out. BEVERAGE PACKAGING Individual, practical and ecological - many requirements have to be met today in order to satisfy demands.


MOBILE MARKETING Smartphones are always present for many people. A marketing opportunity. INSTAGRAM AS A MARKETING TOOL How can companies use Instagram for their marketing purposes? Two examples. BEST OF SWISS APPS How the Swiss app "Go! So einfach geht Taxi" is competing with Uber.


OUTDOOR ADVERTISING The trend in outdoor advertising is moving towards digital out-of-home (DOOH). THE NEW NEWS PORTAL "Nau" accompanies people on the move. Also on public transport and at petrol stations. Q-AWARD The award for the best trade and specialty media in Switzerland went to ...


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