m&k issue 10/2021

Receive the German-language trade magazine "m&k" in the 10/2021 issue as a PDF download with the following table of contents:


  • "This must end" advertising proclaims a hypercritical image of women - but resistance is stirring.
  • Whose heart beats Some brands are not only bought, but loved. How does it work?
  • Fighting clichés: Jung von Matt tackles stereotypes with the "Gisler Protocol".
  • This is how smart media works! Rely on real advertising impact instead of bare figures.


  • Between sender and receiver: communications expert Matthias Zehnder on messages and their impact.
  • Posters and pixels. What speaks for digital, what for analog outdoor advertising?


  • Advertiser:in of the Year. The vote will be held in October: Who will take home the "Egon"?
  • Creativity and democracy. Manuel Wenzel talks about the courage to let things happen.
  • Can advertising still be saved? Burnett legend Michael Conrad on the status quo in the industry.


  • The media pyramid. How do clients reach broad target groups and top leaders?


  • Swiss Marketing. Influencer Marketing: Trend among SMEs.
  • SDV Award Night: The celebration of the best in dialog marketing.
  • Swiss Distribution: Culinary heritage obligates.

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  • Hybrid yet personal. The desire for real meetings is becoming "post corona" again. But the future of live communication is hybrid.


  • Storytelling instead of social selling: The monthly column by GDW founder Tijen Onaran.
  • The future ambassador: Jörg Eugster takes a look at the year 2050.
  • Favorite place
  • Meetingpoints
  • Sources of supply/Imprint
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