m&k issue 10/2016

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MARKETING EXCELLENCE The digital future takes place in the "White Arena The Weisse Arena Group is honored with the GfM Marketing Award. GFM ANNIVERSARY What is marketing excellence? ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Marketing Forum Swiss Marketing Swiss Association of Advertisers Swiss Franchise Association


MOBILE MARKETING Mobile: from trend to reality It is impossible to imagine digital marketing without the smartphone. Mobile consumption of the entire spectrum of messages has even become dominant. For the education and training industry, this means upgrading and redesigning their offerings. Various providers reveal how they are taking this into account.


CONTENT MARKETING "The content of a website must never be an end in itself" What the most important message should be on a website and other tips for a successful online presence. CONTENT MARKETING Content marketing study among Swiss companies SOCIAL MEDIA How the Swiss cantons use social media E-PAYMENT The difficult search for customer acceptance Will mobile payment become established? There are a few factors that need to be taken into account. PROGRAMMATIC Programmatic buying sets the wrong incentives


GREAT EVENT 150 years of Nestlé: The anniversary party for employees How Nestlé celebrated her birthday and what it took. EVENT TECHNOLOGY Less is more ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING The poinsettia: a product of the third industrial revolution ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss advertising Swiss Dialogue Marketing Association


MEDIA COVERAGE Observer as a brand with high credibility and sympathy The Beobachter increased its readership in 2015. Editor-in-chief Andres Büchi talks about the success and the strategy. MEDIA REACH WOZ and NZZ Folio defy the decline in reach The strong media under the MACH-Basic-2016-2-Aus￾wertung. SPONSORING Sport as a key driver for sponsorship MOVING PICTURE It is also important for trade publishers to compete with the best MOBILE Blick online portal with the best mobile performance


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