m&k issue 10/2013

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GFM MARKETING AWARD Excellent car sharing Mobility was awarded the GfM Marketing Prize 2013. What is the recipe for success? DIGITALMARKETING Swiss insurance companies on the web: a benchmark How far has digitization already progressed in the insurance industry? DATA QUALITY Logical consequence for entrepreneurial thinkers High data quality is a must. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Franchise Association Swiss Marketing


DIGITAL ADVERTISING Better understand user behavior and advertising impact Michael Baum, Managing Director of Stailamedia AG, comments on moving image advertising. DIGITAL COMMUNICATION Recommendations for action for the online marketing mix In digital marketing, it's important to hit the right notes and chords. AFFILIATE MARKETING One of the most important channels to increase sales The market in this area has potential, experts say. RUBRIQUE MARKET "In five years, we expect up to 70 percent mobile traffic" Interview with Scout24 CEO Olivier Rihs about the secret of the platform's success.


STATE OF THE ART For health on the road EVENT TECHNOLOGY Technology as the key to a successful general meeting IMAGE AGENCIES Images tell a story - companies should do the same ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS callnet.ch Swiss advertising Promoswiss Swiss Dialog Marketing Association


TV MARKET Platform-compatible message dissemination becomes more important Publisuisse and Goldbach Media present the new TV advertising market trends. TV PROGRAM TV year 2014: reality shows, series and lots of "Swissness S1, Goldbach Media and Publisuisse tell what will be on Swiss screens next year. MACH BASIC 2013-2 The big ones are getting bigger The new WEMF readership figures are in. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Advertising Client Association


MEDIA WORK Acting effectively in the media The skillful use of media is in demand, because the power of the media is growing. A topic for continuing education. STORYTELLING Storypower instead of PowerPoint The potential of storytelling for internal communication has been recognized. How storytelling can help, on page


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