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TITLE STORY Mercedes-CSI: multicultural and trend-setting event The show jumping tournament in Zurich's Hallenstadion is a highlight for equestrian enthusiasts and horse lovers. EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT Emotional experiences can be managed professionally WORLD CLASS EVENT "We want to give athletics a boost". MARKETING TROPHY 2012 The nomination of the nine best projects ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Marketing Swiss Franchise Association


SEM-TRENDS The website moves to an optimal position thanks to SEA and SEO Success on the web is achieved through an optimal position in the search engines. TRENDS E-commerce: consolidations and trends in 2012 ONLINE HIGHLIGHTS Jörg Eugster comments on two trends in 2012


ZURICH FILM FESTIVAL A festival has established and successfully positioned itself Only seven years old, but already on the road with well-known sponsors, it is still open to further collaborations LOVE RIDE Hard guys with soft heart on the bikes THE TENT Touring theater with national dimension and circus ambiance SKI SPONSORING Great appearance of the ski stars in the Bernese Oberland ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Dialog Marketing Association SDV Swiss advertising


PROGRAM SPONSORSHIP "Much more attractive" than at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing TV program sponsorship is important in the sports event environment. Marketers handle it differently. MA SPONSORING Communities of sport and culture in focus MA Sponsoring provides up-to-date market data on communities. MEDIA AGENCIES An innovative agency with a pioneering background Ten years ago, the Generation Media. A portrait. SUPER-WG J "A super-WG of immense economic importance". The Super-WG J covers practically the entire canton of Zurich.


EDUCATION MARKET "Continuing education must deliver innovative added value" Peter Petrin, Vice President and Head of Education at Swiss Marketing, talks about the changes in the market. FURTHER EDUCATION The new offers of continuing education in 2012 An overview of the schools and the various new offerings in continuing education. PERSONALITY It is the people who lead companies to success What all does it take for personality development? SW DIPLOMA AWARD 20 freshly graduated communication managers In a ceremony in Zurich the diplomas were distributed


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