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TITLE STORY Reliable partner for SMEs and private individuals "Better accompanied": PostFinance has been sponsoring Swiss ice hockey for eight years. The focus is not only on top-class sports; grassroots sports are also promoted. PostFinance is also making its presence felt at the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, which is being held in Switzerland this year. MARKETING TROPHY Eleven companies nominated for the Marketing Trophy 09 The winners will be in the spotlight at the Marketing Trophy 09 awards ceremony on March 3 at the KKL in Lucerne. The eight-member jury has nominated a total of eleven companies from four categories. The award ceremony will take place on the occasion of the Swiss Marketing Day. SPONSORING No field hockey without sponsorship The ice hockey business, like all other sports, needs weighty sponsorship ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS SMC Swiss Marketing Swiss Franchise Association


SEARCH ENGINES I Writing for the search engines In the search engines, information is searched for via keywords. A website that cannot be found in the search engines does not exist. The text of the site has a great influence on the position. SEARCH ENGINES II Optimization: Beyond tricks and promises SEARCH ENGINES III Success in eight seconds Every second Internet user decides after a maximum of eight seconds whether to leave a page or stay longer on it.


STATE OF THE ART Škoda's consistent commitment to ice hockey Škoda is one of the oldest and most traditional car brands in the world and has been building cars for 100 years. The vehicles also sell in Switzerland in considerable numbers. Behind this success is a sustainable and consistent marketing strategy. AMBIENT MEDIA Communication in the environment of the target group pays off Today, niche, special or below-the-line marketing goes by the name of ambient media with an out-of-home effect in the direct living environment of the target group. This is just as true in public transportation as it is in the supermarket or restaurant. Investments at the POS pay off - this is where people find out about products and services. LARGE-SCALE ADVERTISING Engagement in the field of out-of-home communication Huge posters hang on skyscrapers or imposing screens transmit advertising messages. These modern means of communication are being used more and more in train stations, stadiums, and at major events such as congresses. A survey of the various providers paints an optimistic picture for the future of such out-of-home installations. HOSPITALITY Sports marketing needs a temporary infrastructure ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss advertising Swiss Direct Marketing Association


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INTERVIEW "Our advertising follows media behavior" Stefan Nünlist, Head of Corporate Communications, talks about Swisscom's media strategies, its expectations as an advertiser, and its experience as a sports sponsor and partner at major sporting events. Swisscom is an "Official Partner" of the Ice Hockey World Cup. MAJOR EVENTS "Bundles are increasingly sought after" Multichannel or cross-media? In any case, networked communication and advertising options are popular around major events such as the Ice Hockey World Cup and the European Soccer Championships. This is shown by the survey conducted by "Marketing & Kommunikation" among media companies and media marketers. SUNDAY PRESS Sunday market presents itself stable despite crisis Within just a few years, the number of Sunday titles in Switzerland has doubled. The total Sunday circulation of the eight titles is now over 1.2 million copies. Current comments from the major media houses show a cautiously optimistic picture, but also some concerns for the new year. However, the advertising business produced consistently good results for 2008. Incidentally, the age of Sunday papers was ushered in in Switzerland exactly 40 years ago: on February 2, 1969, the Sunday edition of "Blick" appeared for the first time.


CONTINUING EDUCATION Prevention instead of panic Only a very small number of training institutes are currently experiencing a sharp drop in demand. However, uncertainty prevails for 2009, forcing providers to be more flexible in their offerings. The basic mood remains positive, however, as a survey shows. INTERVIEW "In difficult times, expertise is even more important". According to Peter Petrin, Director of SIB Swiss Institute for Business Economics, job cuts in the marketing industry are foreseeable. Subjects such as "crisis management" will become more important in continuing education, he believes. TRAINING Record results from the communication ladder This year, the diploma ceremony for communication managers took place at Haus Appenzell in the heart of Zurich. At over 90 percent, the success rate was higher than ever before. TRAINING New examination regulations for communication planners The new examination regulations for communication planners are in force.


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