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TITLE STORY The luxury brand on the pulse of Euro'08 At the 2006 World Cup, Swiss watchmaker Hublot already successfully placed its top product on the wrists of the members of the Swiss national team. At Euro'08, Hublot is marking a strong presence in the Euro stadiums as the official timepiece. AMBUSH MARKETING Euro'08 and Ambush Marketing: Opportunities and Dangers The tickets have been distributed, and Uefa's official sponsoring partners for Euro'08 have long since been determined. Is it possible to benefit from the unique marketing platform of Euro'08 and achieve great effects even without a sponsor status? How much leeway does legal ambush marketing leave open? EURO'08 Sponsorship derby: CS and UBS in pole position Euro'08: The big banks are ready for the big event. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss Franchise Association SMC Swiss Marketing


SEARCH MACHINES The pacesetters of the marketing future Search engine marketing is now firmly established in the market. ONLINE TRENDS Google wants to conquer terrain with Google Maps Switzerland. Google Maps Switzerland: What does this new service offer compared to the two Swiss providers search. ch and local.ch? SUPPLEMENT Who supplies what? As a glued-in insert, readers will find today the practical guide "Who Supplies What?"


STATE OF THE ART Success with creative staging of the brand M'08, Migros' theme campaign in preparation for Euro'08, is integrated and cross-media linked. The centerpiece is a new advertising format called "Commercial Broadcasting": a series of TV shows in which the first fan champion in football history is crowned. AMBIENT MEDIA "It needs messages that fit the ambience". A certain envy can arise among women in view of the Klokicker. Here, men can playfully relieve themselves after drinking beer. And they are correspondingly receptive to good advertising messages in the process. The problem: There are so many different ambient advertising media. OUTDOOR Big brands make their mark with large-format advertising A look at the list of sponsors of the major media confirms the previous finding that practically only media groups or banks can afford a total advertising presence at Euro'08. This includes large-format advertising on vehicles and megaposters. The survey of several companies specializing in the production of such mega-advertising confirms this trend. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTIONS Swiss advertising Interview with the director of the Brewers Association, Konrad Studerus, on freedom of communication, protection of minors and personal responsibility of the citizen. Swiss Direct Marketing Association


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INTERVIEW Strong cross-media package for Uefa sponsors The marketers of the Euro'08 soccer championship have put together their cross-media packages: The three main sponsors of the soccer event have already been confirmed by SRG. Publisuisse SA is also doing well with cross-media bookings, as Sales Manager Beatrice Kniel explains in an interview with M&K. PRINT SPECIALS Baz: First Confederation becomes "Euro'08" Confederation Switzerland's major publishing houses are also jumping on the Euro '08 bandwagon and setting off - smaller and larger - fireworks in the print sector. The Basler Zeitung, for example, is turning the first Bund into a Euro Bund. And at Tamedia, (almost) all publishing properties are sworn in for Euro'08. SUNDAY PRESS "The hype around Sunday will die down". In the last two years, three new players have entered the booming Sunday market in German-speaking Switzerland. The regional language offerings "SonntagsBlick," "SonntagsZeitung" and "NZZ am Sonntag" are now joined by regional offerings "Südostschweiz am Sonntag," "Sonntag" and "Stadtblatt. FOCUS ADVERTISING MARKET Trendiest advertising media: commuter newspapers, online and mobile Which forms of advertising are on the rise in Switzerland and which are slumping? Is electronic advertising outstripping print media, or is it just getting a little closer?


TRAINING Adapt course content to the market Continuing education institutes are constantly modifying their courses in marketing, communications, advertising and public relations to prepare graduates as specifically as possible for the current market environment. This also applies to 2008. WRITING TRAINING The art of writing successfully Is there a secret to successful writing? Are there techniques and formulas for success that can be applied to formulate a story uniquely and evoke enthusiasm with it? Yes, there are these techniques - an approach to the art of writing. DIPLOMATION The series of successes continues A day of joy for 34 successful professionals: in Zurich, they received their federal diplomas for the higher professional examination for communications managers. ASSOCIATION CONTRIBUTION Swiss Advertising (SW) is also active in education


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