m&k issue 1-2/2023

Receive the German-language trade journal "m&k" in issue 1-2/2023 as a PDF download with the following table of contents:


  • The Pursuit of Happiness: From Homeless to Multimillionaire: Chris Gardner on a Life of Extremes.
  • Everything but ordinary! The customer experience must be perfect - otherwise it becomes a business risk.
  • An (in)equal pair?! Why the differentiation between brand and customer experience is so important.
  • Vegan repetitions: Prof. Johanna Gollnhofer's column combines science and practice.
  • "How I learned ... ... to love the newsletter": An essayby Dr. Peter Hogenkamp.


  • The economy as a narrative: Nobel Prize winner Prof. Robert J. Shiller on stories that shape markets.
  • Back on track? Outdoor advertising collects sympathy points, but struggles with political problems.
  • Scarcity and creativity: Publicis CEO Dr. Alexander Haldemann on perhaps the most important resource of our time.Because it's all about money: A personal portrait of VP Bank CEO Dr. Mara Harvey.


  • Who will be advertiser:in of the year? Four top Swiss creatives compete for the "Egon": the WdJ nominees up close.
  • Creative Ranking 2023: There can only be one: This is the most creative Swiss agency.
  • "Just very happy": Thjnk boss Andrea Bison on the Krea victory.


  • Mensch, Michel Germany's most feisty publicist shows himself vulnerable: a visit with Michel Friedman.
  • Four construction sites and one Federal Councilor: Uvek chief Albert Rösti has four construction sites to deal with. Does he have the tools?


  • Spirit and darkness: depression researcher Florian Holsboer on illness, resilience and hope.
  • "Bring Women Back To Work": Initiator Vanessa Gentile on the third anniversary of the Salesforce initiative.


  • News from the control centers of our partners.


  • Meetingpoints
  • Scene
  • Imprint
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