Issue 6/2005

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Head of the week Dominic Geisseier to turn Tele program guide to success JobChange

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Column Oliver Fahrni criticizes current journalism for investing more in form than content Editorial

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public Publicis drives celebrities in the "I am also a ..." campaign for the Zurich transport association

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Budget News

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Candy With Läkerol in her mouth, Zogg Kettiker Gasser is at a loss for words.

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Contests Young talents, show us your works! The Keystone Cannes Open enters its fifth year

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Gambling The 12.6 million jackpot has been cleared. Contexta is to rebuild it for Swiss Lotto

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Food There is a new appearance for Swiss meat from the Polyconsult kitchen

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New Campaigns

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Local TV Edipresse will be a new player on the local TV scene in western Switzerland

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Crossmedia 20 Minuten and Radio Energy want to launch "Decibel DJ-Gontest 05," a new casting show and a platform for sponsors Side businesses Blick's rock CD campaign should stabilize circulation. No one at Ringier wants to talk about additional income (yet).

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Sales promotion "Take 2", the joint campaign by Valora and the publishers' association, generated disappointingly little revenue.

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Outdoor advertising Aargauer Radio Kanal K sets the scene at train stations with sounding posters

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Marketer PubliGroupe increased its sales by two percent in 2004. However, PubliPresse, the most important sector, stagnated.

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Shortlist Beat Fritsch learned at EdipubTalk that the Romands know how to celebrate quite well

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