Issue 5/2016

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To the point

Advertising Research Light

Top 1

Infosperber is five years old. Founder Urs Gasche in an interview with Werbewoche.

Top 2

Jürgen Salenbacher, expert in "Crea tive Personal Branding", in an interview.

Press review


Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva on an underestimated communication channel

Anne-Friederike Heinrich about our current cover picture

Theophil Butz on a chain reaction that must be stopped

Migros Club School

New range of digital business products

impact check

We show how current print campaigns are performing

13 Questions for ...

... Samuel Textor, Creative Director and Partner of Kind regards

digital culture

Manuel P. Nappo on social media risks for athletes and sponsors

structural virality

A study of viral spread on the social web

55 weeks

Cross-media software for SMEs

Virtual Africa Experience

An NGO relies on Virtual Reality

New Campaigns

NZZ Campus

Interview with Peer Teuwsen and Vanessa Sadecky

Head of the week

Hansi Voigt, Editor-in-Chief of Watson


Swiss Marketing Day 2016, KKL, Lucerne


Affiliate Marketing Conference 2016, Kongresshaus Zurich


Eyecatcher // Jobchange


Last but not least // Cartoon

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