Issue 41/2005

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Head of the week As Chief Creative Officer at TBWA Switzerland, Alphonse Garcia will also act as a bridge builder JobChange

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Column Karl Lüönd on editors who love to eat out of the hands of PR consultants to eat out of the hand of PR consultants

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Fundraising Once again, the Mühlehalde home for the blind is attracting attention - thanks to a campaign by Ruf Lanz Theater The Münchner Kammerspiele Hessen has recently had its cheeky campaign developed by Velvet Luzern EtatNews

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Mixer shakes up the advertising film scene The Brazilian film production company Mixer is courting customers in Switzerland. They are by no means averse to cooperation.

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Advertising film Foreign production companies such as Mixer from Brazil graze on Swiss pastures - what the industry has to say about it

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Sportswear Publicis ensures that people dressed in Odio are always equally warm Great climate; Publicis has dressed warmly and proves with a campaign for Odio that with the right sportswear it is always 20 degrees everywhere.

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Emmi shows the way At the Eastern Switzerland SMC Forum, Erich Kienle, Head of Marketing at Emmi, calls for opportunities to be seized. Brands Erich Kienle, Head of Marketing at Emmi, on the importance of innovations

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Media marketing Innovations were in short supply at the Q-Award competition. Four trade journals were honored Associations The Media Institute's first SME conference in Winterthur was a great initial success

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SI pregnant The line extension of the successful title is set to move the women's magazine market. market. Women's magazines Ringier wants to shake up the magazine market with "Schweizer Illustrierte Young" Shortcuts

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Advertising Commission PubliPresse has to work hard if it wants to receive bonuses from Tamedia Advertisements Despite an agreement, there is still a significant difference between Tamedia and P difference

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Print media The NZZ wants to get young readers interested in the traditional newspaper with an interactive learning set Interactive on the wire The NZZ promotes the free formation of opinion in schools - and its image among young people.

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TV advertising I Bea Kniel on new offers and changes at Publisuisse TV advertising II New Publisuisse study shows: The less annoying TV advertising is the higher the recall

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Color under control Some things are in flux in color management - keywords are Fleidelberg and profiling. Color Management I With Prinect Color Solutions, Heidelberg offers a complete solution for an end-to-end coloring workflow

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Color Management II Thanks to color space adjustments with profiles, colors can be reproduced reliably

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Corporate Publishing Customer magazines are in vogue, Switzerland is one of the TrendSetters Sales magazines set the pace Customer magazines are becoming increasingly important and are among the trendsetters. Laser printing Lexmark sets strong accents with stylish models in a stagnating market

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Shortlist The M Magazine trend aperitif, a curling session with Web2com, an invitation from Publisuisse to the TV show Black n Blond and, as a bonus, the Wirz Cocktail 05 kept Beat Fritsch pretty busy

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