Issue 4/2016

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To the point

Now it's gone! And I'm alone again, alone

Top 1

Joint Venture: Much praise for the innovative state

Top 2

Joint venture: "Under public service, anything was possible up to now".


Theophil Butz on automobile advertising without drive

Hans Stutz calls for a performance mandate for print

Anne-Friederike Heinrich has the coffee on


Joint future for Le Mob and Encore


I change, therefore I am

13 Questions for ...

... Jürg Schaffhuser, Creative Director at Velvet

Fisherman's Friend

Walker fishes in international waters


Jung von Matt/Limmat shows real cows, real milk, real farmers

Free Friday Experiment

"You can't measure creativity in time"

Online advertising

"Media and creation are not aligned enough"

New Campaigns

Head of the week

Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva explores how social interactions work in the digital world.


Do we still need search engine optimization in 2016?


"And the OSCAR goes to ..."


Reading tip

Eyecatcher // Jobchange


Last but not least // Cartoon

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