Issue 4/2013

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On the pulse of youth


Stephan Russ-Mohl ponders how journalistic perception of advertising has changed, Anne-Friederike Heinrich watches Tatort and Theophil Butz grumbles about competitive presentations

Contexta dramatizes the most common cause of death for the Swiss Heart Foundation and focuses on people for BANK-now.

Peter Marti reflects on his own "brand value" and succinctly calls his agency Marti Communications again.

Metzgerlehner Worldwide Partners breathes a suave character into the Braniff Cortos cigarillo and By Heart looks pretty red for Torino

The creatives from Metzgerlehner have developed a new campaign for the windows of the 4B Group and Anne M. Schüller lands a bestseller

Manuel P. Nappo on Sharing Econony and Imre Sinka on Optimizing a Website for Mobile Devices

The information pages of IAB Switzerland


With Ostschweiz am Sonntag and the SonntagsZeitung in Basel, the advertising offering on Sundays will be even richer

Sunday titles on a bridal search in the regions

Werbewoche wanted to know how media agencies are dealing with the ratings debacle

Das Start-up Muvacon wurde mit dem Förderpreis für Jungunternehmen des Kantons Bern ausgezeichnet Zusätzlicher Kick für TV durch neue digitale Medienangebote

Major events have a differentiated influence on the use of electronic media


Benedikt Escher and Dominic Zünd took advantage of a competition at the HSG and are now young entrepreneurs. For their platform they are already facing the third round of financing


Werbewoche was a visitor at the Südostschweiz Maroni-Plausch




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