Issue 4/2008

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Page 7

When the husband is ill, the good wife mutates into a pampering mother, comforter and reader: at least, that's how Wirz sees it in the commercial for Bayer's Pretuval.

Pages 8 and 17

Dice parade Who won and with what. And who had a good time at the award party and how.

Page 9

Multiple benefits The Publiscreen is set to conquer the restaurants at Euro 08 - with sports and advertising.

Page 10

The adscreen conquers the restaurant

Page 12

Best of Print Advertising This Tunisia ad won gold at the Advertising Index, 4th quarter 2007 The other results at

Page 13

Status quo The NZZ Group refrains from countering the new Sunday newspapers with a regionalized NZZ am Sonntag.

Page 15

Power struggle The announced, customer-binding account bonification of P Basel is history. But some questions remain unanswered.
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