Issue 39/2004

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JobChange Head of the week Gregory C. Zäch wants to contribute his experience from a small business as head of Werd Verlag

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Editorial Column Television will make itself superfluous if all it serves up is standard fare and background noise, fears Heribert Seifert

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EtatNews Food Metzgerlehner's new campaign aims to make Bell's meat products irresistible Irresistible meat from the large butchery Bell: the piranha in the aquarium is magically attracted.

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Society Pro Familia aims to promote dialog between young and old with portraits of teenagers from the 50s and 60s

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Public transportation Publicis lets children draw colorful ships and streetcars and continues the ZVV strategy Pro Familia as a vemiittfeHn Pro Familia wants to promote understanding for young people with pictures of teenagers from the 50s.

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Local television Hugo Bigi, TeleZüris anchorman, has written a textbook on making television

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Food marketing An Upper Engadine dairy and the upmarket health resort of St. Moritz are a successful team Cooperation An Upper Engadine dairy and the luxury spa resort of St. Moritz make a good advertising team.

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New Campaigns

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Advertisements The majority of newspapers and magazines are raising the thousand-reader price for advertisements - often for rather vague reasons. More expensive ads Most of the larger titles are raising the thousand-reader price. Often with rather shaky justifications.

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Newspapers As the main shareholder, the Hagemann family insists on a right of first refusal for the P share in BaZ Open questions Beat Meyer, CEO of Basler Zeitung Medien, is concerned about rumors surrounding P. Rate increases are the rule Advertisements Whether hidden or blatant - most of the larger titles are raising at least the thousand-reader price.

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Press Tamedia and Südostschweiz join forces at advertising level in the advertising combi 27 Internet Publicitas web services make regional advertising on national platforms possible

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Shortlist Beat Fritsch gives smoke signals: At the TeleZüri anniversary there were cigars, at the SonntagsZeitung gambling night there was gambling until the heads smoked, and at the Touring Rock'n'RaceNight the tires were spinning hotly

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Events Imprint

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Weekly interview Press Council President Peter Studer on the state of ethics in the industry and the "media marketization" of the newspaper landscape Good conscience The President of the Press Council, Peter Studer, on the state of ethics in the industry.
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