Issue 36/2003

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" Contents 36/03

Head of the week Vanessa Flack, new Head of Communications at Messe Schweiz, is full of ideas Column In the media crisis, freelancers profit from savings, says Karl Lüönd.

"Marketing & Communication

Bank Marketing Raiffeisenbank shows TV and cinema spots of Pucci Sulzer and clears the way to investment happiness for customers Social Advertising The Foundation against Racism and Anti-Semitism fights discrimination with Wirz Werbung welter Hockey Polyconsult gives the brands of SCB's multi-billionaire Valora a clear profile in the Bern Arena

"Media & Media

German press Chancellor Gerhard Schröder promises German publishers a relaxation of the press merger law Target group marketing Media aids from Wemf allow precise targeting of young readers Publishers Martin Kall has rewritten the organizational structure of Tamedla People A book, a CD and a party made shortlist author Beat Fritsch sweat a lot Weekly Interview Michael Grabner, deputy to Stefan von Holtzbrinck, on Swiss media

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