Issue 25/1991

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Public Relations

Heinz Gut According to the BPRA survey, PR agencies again grew markedly in 1990: +14 per cent

Mill talk

Hans-Ueli Schaub Has the visionary idea of a trade association for the entire communications industry.


Michael Ringier on the changes in the Swiss printing and publishing industry. Printing and Publishing at the 28th AGM of the IAA


Weltwoche and Lesch & Pei awarded by the "Jahrbuch der erbung für den deutsch sprachigen Raum" (Yearbook of Advertising for the German-speaking World)


Tex-Appeal: What advertisers think about naked women in advertising


Millions for cycling


Freedom without a bond - on the resignations of Ringier, Tages-Anzeiger and Curti

The Orell Füssli Graphi schen operations after the takeover by Na tionalbank

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