Issue 21/2017

Receive the German-language trade magazine "werbewoche" in issue 21/2017 as a PDF download with the following table of contents:

To the point

Last Christmas - (k)a rhyme for 2017

Switzerland Tourism Campaign

Higher, more beautiful, more exciting

Balance 2017

Up, down, straight ahead? This is how the past 365 days were

The incorruptible

The jury for the "Advertiser of the Year" 2018 is set


Pious industry, global

Head of the week

8,000 skies are not enough" for Michel Jaussi

13 Questions to . . .

Andreas Felder, Managing Partner at Rembrand

Theophil Butz about silent Christmas advertising

Christmas campaigns

O Thou Merry Advertising Time

Impact Check

No cheese

New Campaigns

Media Opinion

No more No Billag!


Texting for search engines 2018

Advertising budgets

Tourism - winter season with the highest relevance

Developing country Switzerland

Christmas mail

Style radar:

Farewell - the last impression remains

Reading tips

Job advertisements / Job exchange


Who is who:

Trend conference trade and special media

Swiss photographers

Sven Walliser

Noticed / Said

Cartoon / Last but not least

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