Issue 14/2016

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To the point


Papa minor

Five hairs, a thousand blunders

Mobile Payment

Paying in the future is no fun either

13 Questions for ...

Dario Cantoni, Creative Director and Partner of Spot Advertising

Investigative research

We need nest stainers

Theophil Butz on do-it-yourselfers, scaredy-cats and money-savers

Head of the week

Lucia M. Eppmann, Managing Editor-in-Chief of the Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich


New Campaigns

The Impact Check of Werbewoche


The man who is a light

What is actually ...

Ad Appeal?

Style radar

How late is too late?

Pro Infirmis

The intangible made visible with a mini budget

Fantoche Film Festival

Animated wonder worlds

Magic moments

Why cinema is so close to us

Second Swiss Programmatic Advertising Day


Does advertising share responsibility for tragic accidents during the filming of action commercials?

Competitive advantage

Do it like Buzzfeed!

How high can the online marketing budget be?

Reading tips

Who is who

Radio Night 2016.




Swiss photographers

Oliver Oettli

Said / Top / Flop

Cartoon / Last but not least

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