Issue 14/2013

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customer satisfaction

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Advertising for!the film


Stephan Russ-Mohl comments on the credibility crisis of the mass media, Anne-Friederike Heinrich sees new possibilities for measuring television ratings and Theopil Butz grumbles about the lack of advertising in the summer.

Mobile marketing is not mobile advertising.

And vice versa

Social media TV is in its junior years. But now the game-changing players are switching to attack. The reason for this is the upcoming Football World Cup 2014

More choice doesn't necessarily make life easier - as the new campaign for the insurer Sympany shows. created by Alpha 245

Station signs painted by children and train announcements are just some of the ingredients of the campaign for SBB designed by TBWA Zurich.

Manuel P. Nappo on sharing family content

Advertising with heads

Written contracts prevent disputes

The cinema highlights of the coming months


There hasn't been as much movement in the media industry as in the last few weeks for a long time

Stephan Russ-Mohl analyzes

Ringier Digital is entering into an "investment partnership" with the German company Seven Ventures for the next three years. Werbewoche spoke with Thomas Kaiser, CDO of Ringier AG, about the new partnership, its goal and its business model.

Why do we watch TV? What needs do linear TV and video-on-demand satisfy?

And what does this mean for advertising design


For over 30 years André Hauser has been communicating with his company for customers in the third dimension. Whether shop windows, room installations or event marketing - he gives messages the right presence.




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