Issue 12/2006

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Head of the week Felix Schenker, founder, head and maker at Art-TV, wants to build a cultural alternative to mainstream television JobChange

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Opinion Jürg Altwegg on a People's Tribunal on French Television and the Mass Audience's Lack of Interest in Media Manipulation Media Show

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Joy reigns: FCB Leutenegger Krüll gives Sunday and its friends a hearty smile on behalf of SonntagsBlick. Press FCB Leutenegger Krüll's campaign aims to position SonntagsBlick as a fun and touching Sunday read Budget News

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Nails with heads ADC Germany awarded its coveted trophies. Jung von Matt and Scholz & Friends came out on top. Awards ADC Germany awarded its coveted "nails". Jung von Matt and Scholz & Friends swung nails with their heads. Jung von Matt and Scholz & Friends were able to shine in front of ADO Germany.

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ADC Sebastian Turner, Chief Creative Director of Scholz & Friends, on creativity, quality, success and its transience.

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Watches Wirz accompanies the relaunch of the luxury watch brand Fl. Moser & Cie with an image campaign

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Detergent cR Basel revives the bio and creates a new magaland targeting families with children

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New Campaigns

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Short Cuts

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PIN causes trouble Market research Igem and Publisuisse relaunch the discussion about the release of PIN data. Free press Ringier launches the free evening newspaper "heute" in the summer - and the designated editor-in-chief Bernhard Weissberg reveals how it will be positioned

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Springtime he latest figures from Wemf show that Swiss print media are on the up. Reader research According to Wemf, the Swiss print media are showing a slight upward trend. Mach Basic and Mach Consumer are now published every six months Trend upwards According to Wemf, the Swiss print media are doing slightly better.

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GEMI After a moderate January, the Goldbach Electronic Media Index was also unable to pick up in February

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Internet Novel sites such as encourage networking and now attract more hits than Google in the USA

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Shortlist Beat Fritsch was present at the Effie Awards 2006 - in contrast to the General Assembly of BSW swiss leading agencies, to which the media are not admitted

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Events Imprint

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Jürg Siegrist The SWA director reveals what he thinks of the RTVG and what his president dreams of most. Weekly interview Jürg Siegrist, Director of the Swiss Advertising Association, on media agencies, the RTVG and his boss's dreams.
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