Issue 10/2016

Receive the German-language trade magazine "werbewoche" in the 10/2016 issue as a PDF download with the following table of contents:

To the point

Outrage everywhere - and no strategy


Jürg Altwegg on France's "Nuit debout

Anne-Friederike Heinrich about killer monkeys

Theophil Butz for once full of praise


Erdmannpeisker inspires fruits

Advertising Week Advertiser of the Year 2016

Born to be Wildberger

Portrait in pictures

The Werbewoche Advertiser of the Year 2016 Thomas Wildberger

Laudation by Curdin Janett for Thomas Wildberger

Frank Bodin

How do you become Advertising Week Advertiser of the Year?

13 Questions for ...

... Mark Burow, Head of User & Brand Experience at Namics

Role-playing games, or

60 food for thought


The foundation of online marketing


The other day at the cinema

Interact 2016

Collaborate to Accelerate

New Campaigns

Head of the week

Dennis Lück, CCO FCB Zurich


20 years of The Cover Media


Advertising Day with the Advertising Week Advertiser of the Year 2016


Reading tips

Eyecatcher // Jobchange


Last but not least // Cartoon

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