How do you inspire billions of football fans?

The World Cup is a mega event, Webrepublic managed the marketing in 2018 as well as 2022 from Switzerland. Out into the world, in ten languages, on all channels where fans move. Tom Hanan tells us how this works in the 30th edition of "Off The Record".

Marketing the World Cup is like a Herculean task. How do you reach and excite 1.5 billion soccer fans on all channels and around the world? Webrepublic orchestrated the marketing for the biggest sporting event in Moscow in 2018 and in Qatar in 2022 and implemented a performance marketing approach for sponsorship. ( reported).

In addition, the final round of the Women's World Cup in Australia is coming up in July 2023 - and the Zurich agency can again show how it's done. Are there differences in the marketing of women's soccer? In the podcast "Off The Record" by Anna Kohler, Tom Hanan, founder and CEO of Webrepublic, reveals this and other secrets.



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