Expert psychologist Linda Rasumowsky on the "Off The Record" podcast.

Mothers should be happy, relaxed, beautiful and resilient. That's what society wants. Especially women who want to or have to juggle work and family are under a lot of pressure. In the podcast "Off The Record," Anna Kohler talks with expert psychologist Linda Rasumowsky about women in the area of tension between business and family.

Linda RasumowskyWomen often put themselves under pressure, are strict with themselves, indulgent and pay too little attention to their own care, but the role relationships within the family and the demands of companies also lead to women being worn down between family and job. If the pressure of suffering becomes too great, there is a danger of falling into a negative spiral that often leads to burnout.

Linda Rasumowsky has specialized in these topics in her practice. The psychologist and psychotherapist accompanies women, but also couples, on their way to questioning and reshaping society's expectations, expectations of themselves and the traditional distribution of roles between men and women.

In the new episode of the video podcast "off the record" Anna Kohler talks with Linda Rasumowsky about high-performing women who learn to be considerate of themselves, not to demand too much of themselves, and to let go of the demand for perfection from themselves and the environment. She advises couples on questioning role relationships, building trust and formulating needs. The focus is on the division of labor so that each member of the family has enough space to relax.

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