Onlineprinters CCO Fabian Stich as a guest on the "Off The Record" podcast

How and why does a mathematician become Chief Commercial Officer at Onlineprinters? Anna Kohler talked to Fabian Stich, CCO of Onlineprinters, about numbers, letters, printer's ink and playing the violin in the video podcast "Off The Record.

Onlineprinters CCO Fabian Stich and m&k Editor-in-Chief Anna Kohler talk in the "Off the Record" podcast. (Image: Christoph Soltmannowski)

He has a doctorate, was about to embark on a career as a violinist, studied mathematics and has a penchant for adventure. Many questions and answers later, the puzzle has come together. Fabian Stich is a multi-layered character. The core: curiosity. And a trust in the course of events.

His love of printing ink is no coincidence, as his family has a passion for print. But young Fabian didn't want to know anything about that. Mathematics and the violin were his core interests until the day he joined Jochen Schweizer from Mydays and spent eight years shaping the adventure industry.

In 2021, he once again set out for new horizons and thus arrived at Onlineprinters, where he is responsible as Chief Commercial Officer.

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