Advertiser of the year David Schärer on the current m&k print issue

What excites a communications professional? Where did we hit the mark with our reporting? And what does he think we can do better? We asked the person who should know. The best communicator in Switzerland. See and hear it in the video podcast "Off The Record".

It's a great experiment. Together with David Schärer, we shed light on the topics of our respective issue. What, you don't have them on the table yet? Then it's high time. Order the new issue at advertising week/shop or even better! Take out a trial subscription. Then you will receive three issues and can see whether David's analysis of the respective m&k corresponds to what you yourself feel when reading it.

David Schärer gives his opinion on the following topics in m&k magazine:

Exclusive: Great interview with Jennifer Palmieri on (political) communication, equality and populism.

Jennifer Palmieri has more than two decades of experience as a political and communications strategist. She was White House communications director under President Barack Obama, led communications for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.

Personalization and performance marketing: How mass and class complement each other perfectly.

It is the "Gretchen question" in marketing: Should campaigns be designed primarily for broad target groups - or should they reach only a few, but supposedly "exactly the right" people in a fine-tuned manner? Is there perhaps even a middle ground?

Yaël Meier and Jo Dietrich, founders of Switzerland's first GenZ agency, in conversation.

They are in their early and mid-20s respectively, already have a child together - and a successful business: Yaël Meier and Jo Dietrich are the shooting stars of the Swiss agency scene. With their company Zeam, they advise companies on the needs of Generation Z, i.e. their age group ... and do so successfully. What motivates the two, and where do they want to "go"?

Krea ranking: Which agency was most successful?  

The Krea ranking summarizes the most important international advertising awards - and shows which Swiss agencies have won the most of them in the past twelve months.

"The Guardian," Snowden, Wikileaks ... and the future of the media: Alan Rusbridger in conversation.

Alan Rusbridger led the British "The Guardian" between 1995 and 2015 with enormous success - not only making the newspaper the second most valuable media brand after the New York Timesbut was also one of the first media makers in the world to test innovative digitization strategies. And he published both Edward Snowden's NSA leaks and Julian Assange's Wikileaks, despite pressure from various governments.

Employer branding: How do you get good talent for marketing, communications and advertising in Switzerland?

Because the market for talented personnel has dried up, Swiss companies - also and especially in the marketing, communications and advertising sectors - have to present themselves in the best possible light if they want to attract good people. "Employer branding" therefore plays an incredibly important role.

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