"Rules are needed in the digital space" - Cornelia Diethelm in the m&k Werbewoche Podcast

Digital ethics is a central and reputation-relevant topic that companies must address. Anna Kohler talks to Cornelia Diethelm in the m&k Werbewoche podcast "off the record".

m&k Werbewoche PodcastMost companies have experience with ethically controversial projects. This was the finding of the "Sentiment Barometer 2022 Digital Ethics" by the HWZ and the "Centre for Digital Responsibility", which measures the digital responsibility of companies in Switzerland on an annual basis.

To talk about the rules in the digital space and to underline their importance, Anna Kohler, editor-in-chief of "m&k", invited Cornelia Diethelm to the video podcast "off the record".

Cornelia Diethelm is the founder of the Centre for Digital Responsibility. She also heads the "Digital Ethics" course at the Zurich School of Business (HWZ).

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The podcast of Werbewoche and m&k with Anna Kohler is produced by Tablecast / Christoph Soltmannowski.

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