Off The Record 17 | Werbewoche Podcast with Yaël Meier and Jo Dietrich, Zeam

They are 21 and 24 years young. In other words, they belong to Generation Z. Yael Meier and Jo Dietrich know what makes this generation tick and have taken advantage of it. With the founding of the Zeam agency, they have successfully taken off and are mixing up the classic marketing measures of their clients who want to reach precisely this target group.

Zeam Podcast

If companies want to reach the customers of tomorrow and win their trust, they have to be where the young are. On the web. But Generation Z can no longer be won over by classic marketing measures. They speak a different language. And that's exactly what Yael Meier and Jo Dietrich are doing. With the Zeam agency, where only people under 25 work, they help customers bring products and services to potential target groups. And with great success.

In the "Off The Record" podcast, the two young entrepreneurs talk to Anna Kohler about how to inspire the young target group - and reveal exclusively what the new "Zeam Force" feature is all about.

The podcast of Werbewoche and m&k with Anna Kohler is produced by Tablecast / Christoph Soltmannowski.

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