One Man, One Book, and 100 Questions: Frank Bodin on the Off The Record Podcast

Werber Frank Bodin stellt in seinem neuen Buch essentielle Fragen. Im Werbewoche/m&k-Podcast verriet er Chefredaktorin Anna Kohler mehr darüber.

After the huge success of his first book "Do it with Love," Frank Bodin, President of ADC Switzerland and Founder of Bodin Consulting, is following up. In the video and audio podcast Off The Record, the advertiser and book author talks to Editor-in-Chief Anna Kohler about his new work, creativity and love.

Audio versions on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Podpage with all further episodes of "Off The Record

Just published: Frank Bodin's new book "Is it Love?" with 100 essential questions (in English), Verlag Hermann Schmidt, 216 pages, CHF 26.90


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