Off The Record 10: m&k / Werbewoche Podcast with Stefanie Heinzmann

A rock singer with a gentle soul: In the video podcast by m&k and Werbewoche, Anna Kohler talks to Swiss pop star Stefanie Heinzmann. The sensitive Valaisan with the unmistakable voice provides deep insights into her life.

Suddenly she's just standing there, as if she were the friend next door. In the middle of the shop at Müllerstrasse 57, where Christoph Soltmannowski runs his Studio 57. She is smaller than I imagined her to be. And more delicate. Hello, she says and puts down her big bag. She is a little tired, but that doesn't matter, she says with a smile. Without make-up and as stylish as ever, Stefanie Heinzmann sits down opposite me, the microphones are set up, the last camera settings are checked and then it starts. Without any shyness she tells about her beginnings as a naive 18 year old schoolgirl who signed up for the casting show with Stefan Raab. And. Bam, she wins and a storm passes over her that she would never have thought possible.

But what am I writing, take a look and experience this great woman who after 13 years in showbiz is poodle comfortable in her skin.

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