For Gen Z: Reckitt launches podcast "Erfolgsfunk - about Purpose @ work".

New work, digitalization and self-fulfillment: topics that move young professionals in the rapidly evolving world of work. In the new podcast "Erfolgsfunk - über Purpose @ work", Reckitt has teamed up with expert Ronja Ebeling to delve into these topics.

Listening to the first episode of the new podcast: (from left) Gesine Schulz, Davina Kaiser and Ronja Ebeling.

The podcast episodes get to the bottom of the question of what drives young people entering the workforce. Host Ronja Ebeling meets experts and well-known voices from Generation Z and also takes a look at the practical side of things with Reckitt employees in each episode.

The topics are as varied as the guests, who change each episode: from an exchange on the changes brought about by digitization with founder and tech evangelist Mina Saidze to a conversation on the opportunities of diversity in the workplace with investor, bestselling author and opinion leader Tijen Onaran to a discussion on the importance of the question of meaning in the job with youth researcher Kilian Hampel. The season is rounded off with a deep dive on personal liberation with mindfulness expert and host of the Netflix series Queer Eye Germany Leni Bolt, as well as a session on job application tips with LinkedIn Top Voice Ivana Tadić.

New career and education paths

As a freelance journalist and author, podcast host Ronja Ebeling focuses on new and diverse educational and career paths, among other topics, and advocates for a fair work environment and equality between generations. "I'm part of Generation Z myself and know the feeling when the multitude of options overwhelms you. Together with our diverse discussion partners, I would like to give young professionals a kind of compass for their own careers," she summarizes.

In the first episode of Erfolgsfunk, Ronja Ebeling welcomes Gesine Schulz to talk about "New Work". People & Culture Consultant Gesine is known as "the HR department" for her TikTok gig. Where, when and how do I want to work? Does workation make sense? How do you achieve a good work-life balance and how does effective home office work? In the podcast conversation, the two discuss changes in the workplace and new expectations of the younger generation in the world of work. "Personally, the successful dialogue between all generations is important to me, so that we create a work culture of the future, at eye level. We are all in the same boat. So let's talk about how we can ALL feel good and stay in a healthy workflow," adds Gesine Schulz.

In a look into practice with Davina Kaiser from Reckitt, "New Work" opportunities and challenges are then examined from a company perspective. In this way, listeners will receive further concrete tips and suggestions on how they can organize their everyday working life effectively on an individual basis, what they can do to take care of their mental health at work, and gain a concrete insight into how New Work is practiced at Reckitt. Anyone who wants to, can listen to it now on Spotify.

About Reckitt: As the home of brands such as Durex, Finish and Sagrotan, Reckitt offers a wide range of opportunities for interns, trainees and graduates - whether in Marketing, Sales, Finance, Supply or HR. People from 40 nations work at the sites in Germany (Heidelberg) and Switzerland (Wallisellen). In young, diverse and international teams, each individual is given the opportunity to contribute to a healthier and cleaner world.

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