HWZ with new CAS for women by women

Only 17 percent of Swiss players in top management are female. Too few, says the HWZ, and is launching a CAS for female managers in the tech sector.

Ella Stadler-Stuart, Director of Studies HWZ.

By women for women is the motto of this continuing education program. The newly launched CAS Women Leading Digital HWZwhich will start in summer 2023 at the HWZ Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich, will discuss the role of women in the business environment of digital-savvy companies. Ella Stadler-Stuart, head of the program, explains: "With this CAS, we are creating a space for women who want to have an open discourse, exchange ideas, and deepen their respective leadership skills as well as acquire in-depth digital know-how - women in leadership positions and with ambitions for a position in top management or on a board of directors."

The design focuses specifically on an exchange with female role models who are aware of these problems in the market. The lecturers for the CAS Women Leading Digital HWZ include leading digitalization experts such as Eva Wolfangel, renowned tech journalist, and Daniela Landherr, executive coach and former Head of Talent Engagement at Google EMEA, who not only use their expertise to teach the students the necessary hard skills, but also share their experience and insights as pioneers in the industry and contribute approaches to solutions.

Male view of digitization dominates

Across Switzerland, the proportion of female executives in top management has so far been just under 17 percent. Accordingly, digitization strategies in companies are primarily designed and implemented by male executives. The consequences: AI-supported programs, such as the recently launched Lensa app or applications in the medical field, not infrequently face accusations of sexism. They point to socially relevant developments with problematic tendencies that need to be countered with a critical educational offensive, as Ella Stadler-Stuart emphasizes: "With the newly created CAS Women Leading Digital, we want to contrast this male perspective with a new understanding of digital processes. We are convinced that digitalization is an all-encompassing project that needs to be addressed more strongly from a female perspective."

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