Successful Gen-Z seminar at the HWZ

In November, the HWZ opened its doors for an unusual seminar. Over four days, the Zeam agency taught interested participants the basics of dealing with Gen Z. Afterwards, spoke with Michelle Müller, project manager at Zeam.

All lecturers from the Zeam team with the deputy head of the HWZ Academy, Andrea Hausamman, who implemented the project on behalf of the HWZ. Four full days lie behind you and your colleagues from the Zeam agency, during which you taught interested parties how to work with and on Generation Z. The focus was on marketing and HR and Generation Z. The focus was on marketing and Generation Z and HR and Generation Z. What is your conclusion?

Michelle Mueller: It was an exciting and horizon-expanding experience for all sides, i.e. our Zeam team, the HWZ and the participants. Some of our team have already been guest lecturers at various colleges and universities and for others it was the first time. For example, I just started a Bachelor's degree a few weeks ago and found it very exciting that I was able to plan a seminar and teach at a university at the same time.

Guest lecturer Franziska Gregor, Creative Partnerships Lead DACH/NL of TikTok.


Could you see the seminar leading into a degree program?

That would be very cool, of course! In 2023, however, we would like to offer the seminar again for the first time in a similar framework, we are currently evaluating the dates. The market helps to decide whether the topic is "ready" for a course of study. However, we will soon talk with the HWZ about further possibilities of cooperation.


What feedback did you receive from the participants?

We have received a lot of positive and constructive feedback from all participants. They are enthusiastic about the inspiration of the Zeam team and that the HWZ offers this seminar to build the bridge between the generations. Nevertheless, we have to mention that there were certainly some skeptical voices among our participants:inside at the beginning and of course it happened that doubting counter-questions were asked. However, we very much appreciated this interaction and consciously used it to generate an active exchange. Not only the seminar participants, but also we were able to learn and take away a lot.

Jo Dietrich, Founder of Zeam, presents a participant:in with her certificate on the last day.
The roundtable discussion on day four with (from left): Jo Dietrich (moderator), Kay von Mérey (Young Circle of Humanitarians), Loris Moser (SunIce Festival), Noa Dibassey (Gen-Z columnist Blick), Stefan Kaspar (founder Swisstunelling).

After extensive reflection, where is there room for improvement if the seminar is held again next year?

Of course, there is always potential for optimization in a first implementation. One would be time management, for example, as we were very surprised with the great interactivity of the participants. As a result, the schedule was sometimes spontaneously adjusted. But this spontaneity is also something that is typical for Generation Z. And since we wanted to invite the participants not only thematically, but also with other means more into the world of Gen Z, it almost fit into the program again ;) For example, we prepared typical Gen Z snacks and snacks in order to bring the participants more into this world. However, we would pay more attention to the time management for a further implementation!

All participants and the Zeam team.

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