Switzerland's largest companies continue to seek large numbers of staff

Large companies in Switzerland continue to search desperately for personnel. The number of jobs advertised by the 50 largest Swiss companies in September has risen again since September.

As of mid-October, a total of 11,385 jobs are advertised on company websites. This is around two percent more than a month ago, according to the regular analysis of advertisements carried out by the job portal Indeed for the news agency AWP. After the number of job advertisements had virtually skyrocketed in August, however, it apparently settled at a higher level in September and October.

By far the most jobs were advertised, as always, by the major distributors Migros and Coop as well as the cooperative Fenaco, which is active in the agricultural sector, food processing and retail trade and includes Volg and Landi, among others. However, the number of vacancies advertised at the Migros Group has been declining since August, while it still rose slightly at Coop and significantly at Fenaco. And the Manor Group has currently advertised over 50 percent more jobs than in the summer.

According to the evaluation of Indeed by keywords, the search for personnel is probably also related to the upcoming Christmas business and the related increased demand for sales staff. However, employees are not only being sought in sales: People working in logistics are also in demand. Not surprisingly, among the large companies, Swiss Post in particular is looking for personnel in this area.

By contrast, large companies have few vacancies in human resources - the number of job advertisements for HR specialists is already low, but has dropped significantly again in recent weeks. (SDA)

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