UAS Graubünden: New CAS in Music Production and Mindful Communication

The University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons is launching new continuing education courses in the areas of creative music production and in Mindful Communication, focusing on mindful and innovative communication.

Developing musical ideas and producing them yourself in high quality - amateurs and professionals in music production are constantly challenged by technical change and digital transformation. The CAS in Music Production program at the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden will provide them with the necessary knowledge starting this fall. In the also new CAS in Mindful Communication and Innovation, meditation and mindfulness techniques are taught and digital and work culture trends are examined.

Mindful communication for a balanced workday

With the CAS Mindful Communication and Innovation, the UAS Graubünden wants to give suggestions on how people can lead a balanced workday and be at least as successful as before. Because mindful and innovative organizations relieve employees of routine tasks and create space for collaborative, creative and innovative work. The new continuing education program addresses new work and communication trends, presents practical training and methods on mindfulness and mind fitness, and explores the question of how future trends such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, or robotics can be sustainably integrated into companies and organizations and how they can benefit from them in the long term. The head of the study program Mischa Stähli emphasizes that especially in today's times with ever more disruptive changes, inner calm and stability are gaining in importance. "Antifragility and mind-fitness practices are indispensable today for the individual development of employees and the success of organizations"

From the musical idea to the professional production

The second new continuing education program offered by the Institute for Multimedia Production at the UAS Graubünden from October 2022 is aimed at music creators. Whether with or without previous musical knowledge, the technical realization of music is always a challenge, not least because of the rapidly changing technical possibilities as well as the digital transformation of everyday life. "The 'audio literacy,' i.e., the understanding of sound in connection with technology, often comes up short," says Serge Djoungong, program director. This has implications for sound quality - not only musically, but also in conjunction with visual media, he further explains. These challenges are addressed in the CAS Music Production by familiarizing participants with the various stages of production: from the musical idea to the professional production at home or on the road.

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