Home office option mentioned in almost one in ten job ads

The proportion of companies that entice job applicants with home office options is rising steadily. In Switzerland, the option of working from home, at least in part, is now mentioned in almost every tenth job advertisement.

Homeoffice-OptionIn February, home office was a topic in 8.8 percent of job advertisements in Switzerland, according to an evaluation by Indeed.com. The international job portal analyzed the job advertisements published on the websites of large companies or posted directly on the portal.

The numbers show: With the pandemic and the temporarily imposed home office obligation, working from home has gained enormous acceptance. Before the pandemic, home office was a topic in just 2.6 percent of job advertisements. In the course of the pandemic, the proportion then rose steadily.

Switzerland still cautious

Looking at their German-speaking neighbors, however, Swiss employers are still rather reluctant to offer home offices. In Germany and Austria, for example, remote working is already mentioned in around 13 percent of job advertisements. In all three German-speaking countries, however, the proportion of advertisements with a home office option has more than tripled since the start of the pandemic, according to figures from Indeed, which are available to the AWP news agency.

In France and Italy, on the other hand, the proportion is much lower, at 6.5 and 6.8 percent respectively. (SDA)

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