HWZ: New course director for CAS Brand Leadership

The CAS Brand Leadership HWZ course is now being designed and implemented by Pam Hügli and Benjamin Gilgen. The development work of Peter Felser and Max Meister will thus be made even more relevant with new concepts and methods and will be continued in a future-oriented manner.

Peter Felser (left) hands over the management of the CAS Brand Leadership HWZ to Pam Hügli (center) and Benjamin Gilgen. (Image: zVg.)

The importance of the brand as a means of corporate management has increased continuously in recent years, writes the Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich HWZ in a statement. At the same time, the need to differentiate and increase relevance for a variety of stakeholders is also constantly rising.

Today's and tomorrow's demands on those responsible for marketing and the brand are specifically addressed in the new concept of the CAS Brand Leadership HWZ and explained both scientifically and with national and international practical examples.

Hügli and Gilgen take over management of study program

After six courses, Peter Felser and Max Meister pass on the management of the course to two brand experts, Pam Hügli and Benjamin Gilgen, who deal with brand leadership topics on a daily basis and ensure both scientific and practical relevance. Both are well-known lecturers and continuously shape modern brand leadership in practice.

Pam Hügli runs the House of Communication in Zurich and is CEO of the agency Serviceplan Suisse. She is one of the first graduates of the course and a guest lecturer at the HWZ. For Pam Hügli, it is particularly important to combine theory and practice: "We will bring together leading brands, but also exciting SMEs with the students. The course will be interactive and practically relevant so that graduates can quickly add value in practice," says Hügli.

Benjamin Gilgen heads marketing and communications at the pharmaceutical company Tigen. Before that, he was a partner at Prophet and managing director of MetaDesign. "With Brand Leadership, we give students the tools they need to successfully position products and companies in the market and win market share," explains Gilgen. "In doing so, we combine analysis, strategy and creation to develop outstanding customer experiences. "Benjamin Gilgen is also a guest lecturer at the HWZ.

Peter Felser and Max Meister are delighted with the future course leaders. "Pam and Benjamin ideally embody the Brand Leadership philosophy. They combine classic brand leadership methods with the latest national and international trends. They will make the CAS even more attractive," Peter Felser is convinced. He will remain with the HWZ as a lecturer and teach within the CAS Brand Leadership HWZ on his favorite topic, "Brand Mission". In addition, Felser oversees the alumni network of "Brand Leaders," which represents an important aspect of networking and continuous professional development.

The CAS Brand Leadership HWZ is now also credited as part of the MAS Marketing Excellence HWZ. The course is aimed at marketing managers from large companies as well as SMEs and start-ups and can be easily combined with a full-time job.

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