HWZ launches new MAS programme "Marketing Excellence

Companies and brands today have three challenges: Brand management, interactions with customers and developing new business areas. The new interdisciplinary MAS Marketing Excellence at the HWZ Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich combines these core competencies. With the combination of skills, customer insights and leadership, the new Master's programme is designed to meet the accelerated pace of change.

The minds behind the new MAS Marketing Excellence: Dr. Peter Felser, Prof. Michael Grund, Su Franke, Tanja Herrmann and Marion Marxer (from left to right).

Non-linear customer journeys and the urgent need for new business areas challenge marketing teams. For successful brand management and market success, they have to combine what was created separately due to historical structures. How do brands present and develop themselves? How do interactions with customers and interested parties create value? And how can new business areas be developed? Students work out suitable answers to these and other questions as part of the new MAZ at the HWZ.

How successful companies and brands are depends on whether they can identify the central challenges and derive the right decisions from them. Today, it is crucial to understand the various stakeholders in depth and to pick them up on a human and content-related level. Marion Marxer, head of the CAS Multichannel Excellence HWZ course, says: "We know so much about people and their needs at the touchpoints and should also serve them with values instead of spreading messages with a watering can."

The MAS Marketing Excellence HWZ takes up this challenge. In the three CAS Brand Leadership, Multichannel Excellence and Business Creation & Marketing Strategy students receive skills, customer insights and leadership know-how.

"Although the last year has been very challenging for all of us, I see the creativity. Who would have thought a year ago that we could change processes and entire business models on a weekly basis. We can and we have to," says Tanja Herrmann, head of the CAS Business Creation & Marketing Strategy HWZ course. Specifically, HWZ's new MAS teaches fast go-to-market strategies and disciplines that take a closer look at human behavior. "Future topics are no longer digital transformation, but creating new business with good ideas and strategies, brand leadership and clever multichannel excellence. This is the new perspective for next generation marketing" says Peter Felser, head of the CAS Brand Leadership program.

Facts about the MAS Marketing Excellence HWZ

The new MAS Marketing Excellence at the HWZ is led by Prof. Michael Grund with Su Franke. It is taught by Peter Felser, Tanja Herrmann and Marion Marxer using a hybrid teaching model. Students can substitute one CAS for another. Highlights include the development of an own marketing strategy, access to conferences, bootcamps, coaching for marketing strategies, and a specialist community as well as a study trip.

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