Hyper Island expands in Switzerland

The "digital Harvard" Hyper Island is launching with a Swiss office and working with local talent to establish its B2B presence.

Will manage the Swiss branch of Hyper Island: Johanna Lindquist, Nadine Friedel, Graziella Luggen and Patrick Viert (from left to right).

With 25 years of experience as a provider and facilitator of immersive learning experiences, Hyper Island has prepared over 16,000 individuals and 1,870 organizations to anticipate the changes of tomorrow.

In a world that is constantly being disrupted - whether by digitalisation, the climate crisis or the current pandemic - people, teams and organisations are under enormous pressure to change and adapt, Hyper Island writes in a statement. In order to cope with this permanent change, new strategies and forms of collaboration are necessary.

Hyper Island encourages and empowers people and teams to shape the future with curiosity, inquiring minds, self-confidence and an affinity for technology, to see change as an opportunity and to drive innovation. With its methodology - The Hyper Way - the company focuses on experiential learning. New knowledge is applied by means of concrete challenges and put directly into practice. The focus is on cultural change, self-leadership and resilience, group dynamics and collaboration, as well as the promotion of creativity and innovation.

"Hyper Island has always had strong ties to Switzerland. We are excited to work with alumni to strengthen Hyper Island's presence here while bringing a new, global perspective on digital to Switzerland," said Patrick Viert, Head of Transformation and Digital Innovation at Stories and Market Lead for Hyper Island. Stories and Hyper Island are planning a close collaboration.

The school is currently active in Brazil, the UK, Sweden, Singapore and the USA. Nadine Friedel, Graziella Luggen and Patrick Viert will lead the Swiss branch. Viert works as Head of Transformation and Innovation at Stories, an award-winning production company. Digital strategists Friedel and Luggen come from SRF and will join the team in autumn.

All three hold Master's degrees in Digital Management from Hyper Island and have extensive work experience in various industries, representing a breadth of expertise in the digital playground.

"Knowing how much the Swiss* pride themselves on high standards and quality work, Hyper Island is very excited to work with companies and organizations in Switzerland to drive innovation and meet the challenges of tomorrow," says Johanna Lindquist, Director of Business Development at Hyper Island.

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