Matthias Fasnacht becomes Co-Managing Director of Lauschsicht

Together with owner and founder Kevin Blanc, Matthias Fasnacht took over the co-management of the Zurich agency and film production company Lauschsicht at the beginning of June. He comes from Jung von Matt Play.

Matthias Fasnacht (left) and Kevin Blanc have been jointly managing Lauschsicht since the beginning of June. (Image: zVg.)

Before joining Lauschsicht, Matthias Fasnacht was a partner and managing director at Jung von Matt Play for seven years. Before that, he ran his own company, Intovision, for 14 years. In his new role as Managing Director and Executive Producer at Lauschsicht, Fasnacht can draw on a comprehensive combination of management expertise, creative and conceptual experience and experience with well-known brands.

"There's no question in my mind that today, more than ever, we rely on communication that is honest and unfiltered. In my first conversation with Kevin, I was thrilled that this is also a key motivation for him and has been part of Lauschsicht's DNA since it was founded," says Fasnacht about his new role. "The plan to build a platform for authentic and transparent communication with its own formats was all the more a sign to me that I was in the right place to get off to a passionate start."

Kevin Blanc is also impressed by his new co-business partner: "It quickly became clear that we were a good match. Wavelength, mindset and skillset are a match. I'm really looking forward to fresh ideas, impetus and superpowers for the development of our new offering."

Matthias Fasnacht succeeds Muriel Droz, who co-managed Lauschsicht for nine years as Managing Director and Executive Producer and will take over the management of the Swissfilm Association office in the summer.

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