Linus Konetschnig becomes copywriter at Family

Linus Konetschnig has been working as a copywriter at Family since mid-January. He will strengthen the Zurich agency in the coming years and expand the Gen-Z perspective for clients.

(Image: zVg.)

"Linus has already impressed us as a freelancer on various projects. He completely won our hearts with the idea of coloring an entire mountain. It was clear then that we wanted to work with him," says Claudio Catrambone, founder and CCO of Family, on the new appointment. With his heart on his sleeve, his deep connection to Swiss subcultures and his creative punchline thinking, he is already a firmly integrated member of the team.

Linus Konetschnig started his agency career at Jung von Matt Limmat as a Trainee Future Creative Leader and left the agency to gain a different perspective on the tasks of a copywriter on the client side. At the same time, he had a mini-career as German rap artist "Tracksuitdaddy" - with over a million clicks across all channels.

"Rap and copywriting are more similar than you might think. Whether I write lines that my audience celebrates or whether I write lines that the customer celebrates is almost the same in the creative process," says Konetschnig. But as long as Spotify doesn't pay artists properly, rap will remain "just a fun excursion full of irony and exaggerated self-expression for the time being", the copywriter continues. "But who knows - maybe that one customer with the major label deal will come along."

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