Jan Maurer becomes Managing Director of Swiss Marketing

Jan Maurer will take over the management of the Swiss Markeing association at the beginning of May 2024. The current Head of Marketing at Bächli Bergsport introduces himself in this interview.

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With his accumulated knowledge, his experience and his trustworthy manner, Jan Maurer will lead Swiss Marketing into the future with great vigor, the professional association writes in a press release.

"With his impressive communications, marketing and management experience in various industries, Jan Maurer is the ideal expert to tackle and lead the upcoming change in the association for the benefit of the members, the clubs and in the area of education," Andreas Balazs, President of Swiss Marketing, is quoted as saying.

Jan Maurer, how would you describe yourself?

Jan Maurer: I am a doer who sees opportunities and tackles them together with the team. I am also a communicative, curious, loyal and energetic leader.


Where in your professional career have you been able to pack your rucksack with the right skills?

For the last seven and a half years, I have worked as Head of Marketing and a member of the management board of Bächli Bergsport, which has 13 branches throughout Switzerland. Before that, I worked as Head of Marketing in an international company and for over 20 years in various communications agencies, including eight years as founder and co-owner of my own communications agency. This has enabled me to fill my rucksack with a varied mix of valuable experience in all my years of work.


What can the members, the team, the examination committees and the partners of Swiss Marketing look forward to?

I am characterized by a mixture of passion, lifeblood and broad marketing knowledge, coupled with assertiveness, cheerfulness and fire for the cause.


The Swiss Marketing Association is currently undergoing major changes; taking over the management of the association in this situation is a challenge. What appeals to you about this position?

It is precisely this change that is so appealing, because change is what keeps us alive. I like to get things moving to make them a success and I look forward to tackling this together with a strong team, the Board of Directors, the clubs and the examination committees throughout Switzerland.


How would you like to promote an innovative culture within the association?

I am fundamentally driven by a desire for innovation. To promote this, I want to create the right structures, framework conditions and an open and communicative culture.


Can you already tell us what you will be tackling first?

I look forward to getting to know the team in an uncomplicated way. For me, a good team spirit is essential and helps me tackle the common challenges. In addition, the fridge needs to be ready for spontaneous aperitifs - because I want to toast a first joint success with the team soon. In concrete terms, I am of course tackling the implementation and further development of Swiss Marketing's new strategy.

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