Rolf Cavalli appointed Chief Content Officer at Blick Group

55-year-old Rolf Cavalli is leaving CH Media to become Deputy Chief Content Officer of the Blick Group. The Winterthur native complements the newly established management team of Steffi Buchli and Sandro Inguscio and will take up his position in spring 2024.

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As Head of Editorial Departments, Rolf Cavalli will directly lead all specialist departments - News, Politics, Business, Society/People and Mobility. Cavalli has spent the last twenty years as an executive in Swiss newsrooms. From 2014 to the present, he worked at CH-Media, first as Head of Digital and most recently as Editor-in-Chief of the Aargauer newspaper.

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Cavalli previously worked at Ringier from 1996 to 2014. Among other things, as head of news at the SonntagsBlicks, as deputy editor-in-chief of the Blicks and of the SonntagsBlicks and finally as the first digital head of the Blick Group. "The strategy and goals of the new Blick Group are very convincing to me. I am looking forward to helping shape the new era and actively tackling the challenges together with Steffi, Sandro and the entire Blick team," says Cavalli on his return.

The Blick Group adds another member to its management team with Cavalli's arrival. The newsroom was restructured from the ground up under Buchli and Inguscio. The organization is based on a division into Content and Digital & Distribution ( reported).

Dhe Blick Group under the umbrella of "Ringier Medien Schweiz

On the content side, the management team includes Andreas Dietrich, Editor-in-Chief Blick Print, Sandra Fröhlich, Head of the Audiovisual Competence Center, Emanuel Gisi, Head of Sports, Michel Jeanneret, Editor-in-Chief Romandie and Reza Rafi, Editor-in-Chief Sonntagsblick.

The Digital & Distribution division is headed by Sandro Inguscio. Raffael Aebli, Head of Product & Innovation, Christian Bischoff, Head of, Daniel Egli, Head of Newsroom Coordination, and Conny Tovar, Quality&Production, report to him. The position of Head of Growth Management is to be filled.

In mid-September, Ringier acquired Axel Springer's stake in the Swiss joint venture Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz ( reported). Ringier is thus the sole owner of the portfolio with a total of 20 magazine and journal titles. Subject to Weko approval, the acquired titles will in future be managed together with all Blick titles under the newly created umbrella of "Ringier Medien Schweiz". The designated CEO is Ladina Heimgartner, who was previously Managing Director of the Blick Group.

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