ZHAW: Patrick Becker becomes Head of MarKom in the Department of Health

Patrick Becker is the new Head of Marketing and Communications at the Department of Health at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW. He brings around 18 years of marketing and communications experience in various industries.

(Image: zVg.)

Patrick Becker joined Hiltl in 2018 as Head of Marketing, Design and Guest Relations and was also part of the Hiltl Executive Board. Just recently, the "125 Years of Hiltl" campaign created by Ruf Lanz was awarded gold at the Swiss Out of Home Awards as the best Commercial Local and Regional campaign, for which Becker had overall responsibility (Werbewoche.ch reported).

Before joining Hiltl, Patrick Becker worked in the film industry for over twelve years, holding various positions at Warner Bros. Entertainment and Pathé Films, where he was responsible for publicity, promotions and marketing of theatrical films. He holds a master's degree in journalism, political science and film studies from the University of Zurich and a diploma in social media management from HWZ.

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