Agnès Schenker and Christoph Lenz head communication of the FDJP

Agnès Schenker and Christoph Lenz are the new joint heads of the Communications Service of the Federal Department of Justice and Police FDJP. They will take up their new positions on March 1, both with an 80 percent workload.

Agnès Schenker and Christoph Lenz will jointly head the FDJP as of March. (Image: FDJP/Twitter)

Former journalist Agnès Schenker is 57 years old and currently deputy head of the communications service of the FDJP General Secretariat, according to a statement. Schenker has held various positions in the FDJP General Secretariat since 2011.

Christoph Lenz has worked as a journalist at TX Group since 2016 and is currently a member of Tamedia's daily management team and a reporter at The magazine. He is 39 years old and studied history and economics at the University of Bern. (SDA/swi)

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