Nadja Mühlemann becomes Managing Director of AWS

The association AWS Aussenwerbung Schweiz elected Christian Vaglio-Giors to the association's board at its ordinary general meeting on Thursday. Nadja Mühlemann becomes the new managing director.

Despite many challenges, 2022 was a successful year for OOH media overall, the association writes in a statement. In addition, it is very optimistic about the future of the genre. Analog and digital outdoor advertising is the last true mass medium with an advantageous price/performance ratio in an intermedia comparison. In addition, the advertising medium enjoys a high level of acceptance and has a comparatively positive CO2 balance.

Furthermore, the association wants to focus on the joint fight against unnecessary bans and restrictions on advertising, transparent and provider-independent media research, and highlighting the economic importance of outdoor advertising. In addition, there is an intensified, joint marketing of the genre. This includes, among other things, the industry event "Woohw!", which will take place on September 13, 2023. The fresh concept includes a specialist conference and the presentation of the newly created "Swiss Out of Home Award".

At Thursday's AGM, Neo-Advertising CEO Christian Vaglio-Giors was elected to the association's board. In addition, due to the intensified association activities, which would have put increasing demands on the AWS office, the previous managing director Corinne Truttmann has decided to hand over the office to Nadja Mühlemann. Mühlemann is a journalist and has headed the PR and media office of APG|SGA since 2014 and will continue to do so in the future. Previously, she represented the interests of the Swiss Druggists' Association (SDV) in various functions as journalistic manager for ten years.

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