Huawei Switzerland with new CEO

Michael Yang takes over the management of Huawei in Switzerland with the three locations Liebefeld, Dübendorf and Lausanne.

Michael Yang is taking over as the new CEO of the local subsidiary of the global technology supplier with three sites in Liebefeld, Dübendorf and Lausanne. The new Switzerland boss has already helped shape Huawei's fortunes in Europe as a leader for many years before he now succeeds Haitao Wang as part of a normal rotation.

The new CEO of Huawei Technologies Switzerland moves from Germany to Switzerland. Michael Yang previously headed Huawei's capital office in Berlin as Chief Representative and was responsible for government relations, communications, and activities such as the Huawei Cyber Security Innovation Lab in Bonn and the Huawei Digital Competence Center in Saarbrücken.

With Huawei for 14 years

Michael Yang has already gained experience in the management of Huawei national companies in the Netherlands and in West Africa. In his more than 14-year career at Huawei, he has held many other management positions, including General Manager of Deutsche Telekom, a major customer, for more than 4 years. After graduating from Beijing Foreign Studies University, he started as an account service manager at Motorola.


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