APG|SGA expands management team with Claudia Fischbacher

APG|SGA expands its corporate management and appoints Claudia Fischbacher as new Head of HR. This is to underline the growing importance of HR topics.

APG|SGA is expanding its corporate management and appointing Claudia Fischbacher as the new Head of HR as of January 1, 2023. She had already been working for the company as Deputy Head of HR since March 2020. She succeeds Marcel Seiler, who the company is leaving at his own request at the end of the year after more than eleven years as Head of HR and is retiring.

With the addition of HR to the Executive Board, APG|SGA aims to underscore the growing importance and challenges of strategic and operational HR topics for business development. Claudia Fischbacher has over 15 years of experience with HR topics and was among others with TX Group and Magazine zum Globus.

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